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We offer a global payment platform

HPS solutions encompass the entire payment value chain. We understand how important it is to be proficient in multiple types of payments, such as credit, debit, prepaid and corporate. And we know it is imperative to interface with as many touch points as possible to continue to be an integral player across the payments landscape. We continually enhance focus on consolidating the strengths of our global single platform to make it the best choice of our clients. Our All-in-One platform offers a compelling price point advantages allowing taking significant costs out of our clients operations.

We enable innovative payment

At HPS, we appreciate that we are an integral part of a payment industry in perpetual motion and our strategy emphasizes on continually developing our global payment platform enabling innovative payments and proactive responsiveness to the market evolutions.

To stay in the forefront of our industry, HPS engages large efforts to develop innovative solutions that enable more options for making payments and providing alternatives for people not supported by traditional payment methods. We remain committed to research and development to maintain our market leadership in our core product areas.

We leverage industry transformation

Many financial institutions are dealing with a multitude of legacy systems that require upgrades to meet the advances in technology and increased compliance and regulatory requirements. HPS solution, by its moderns and flexible architecture, is an asset to financial institutions when faced with fast-moving and technologically complex changes to their legacy platforms.

Today, HPS seamlessly supports payments in seventy countries catering the processing needs of more than 320 issuers, acquirers and national switches. We enable payments across borders on five continents with our world-class payments platforms and we provide simple, efficient solutions supporting any kind of payment.

Comprehensive merchant
management solution
An authentication step added
for online payments
Complete solutions for issuance and
management of all card types
Web portal solution for
issuers and acquirers
Robust, reliable and scalable
switching platform
Sophisticated terminal
management solutions
Banking, payment and
money transfer solutions
Comprehensive self-service solution
turning ATM to a 24x7 mini-branch
Multi-merchant and multi-acquirers
solution for ecommerce


Our All-in-one platform PowerCARD serves over 350 financial institutions including banks, issuers, acquirers, switches and telecom operators. Our solutions portfolio covers the entire value chain of payment across over 85 countries.