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PowerCARD is the flagship electronic payment solution of HPS, a specialist cards and payments Software Company that currently serves over 350 financial institution clients in some 85 countries across all 5 continents. PowerCARD is special because it is a single piece of software that covers the entire payments value chain of Issuing, Acquiring & Switching in one software solution. This is important for two reasons; first, it means that change can be implemented faster and at lower cost and second; it facilitates payments innovation by allowing new products to be brought to market more easily.

Setup and management of a scheme by managing authorization, clearing & settlement between members and by providing SID protocol (for authorizations) and LIS protocol (for Clearing). >
Multi-merchant and multi-acquirer solution for eCommerce and MOTO payment management. >
Comprehensive merchant management platform enabling acquirers to tailor specific solutions for merchants. >
A step added to online payments to tie a financial authorization with an online authentication (ACS - 3DSecure). >
Complete services for issuance and management of all card types in all formats. >
Web portal solution with powerful admin functions to manage and personalize multiple web portals. >
Routing, stand in, authorization available in a high available environment. >
A sophisticated solution that configures and parametrises devices, switches authorizations and manages transactions for any kind of Point Of Sales devices (POS, mPOS, ePOS,...). >
Complete solution to support the issuance, provisioning, storage and management of tokens on behalf of a token requestor. >
A comprehensive self-service solution that supports financial institutions and retailers in maximizing their ATMs. >
A stand-alone fraud solution monitoring in real-time or near real-time authorizations coming from any systems. >
Set of graphs, tables, data grouped into Dashboard providing a clear visibility to business users on their Key Performance Indicators. >