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Raízen, JV of Shell Brazil, Unveils New Card Product Powered by HPS PowerCARD Solution; Delivered via ITS System

October 08, 2014
Porto Alegre, Brazil – 08 October 2014 – HPS, the market-leading provider of mission-critical solutions to the cards and payments industry, today announces that Raízen, the joint venture between Shell Brazil and Cosan, will be using their PowerCARD solution to manage their new prepaid cards; delivered via payments services provider ITS System.

Raízen, JV for fuel technologies and services of Shell Brazil, has launched a co-branded prepaid card in conjunction with Bank Topázio and Good Card, a leading Brazilian proprietary brand, with a planned target of over 150.000 cards by the end of 2014. The new prepaid cards will enable users to complete their usual transactions, as well as giving discounted fuel when purchase through credit transactions on the card, while the service delivers online statements to customers. All of these services are provided through the ITS System’s processing platform and managed using the HPS PowerCARD solution.

The Brazilian payments market experienced a giant leap duringJune and July this year, due to the global attraction of the FIFA World Cup. One million international travelers visited Brazil during the event, increasing the number of card transactions exponentially. Before the World Cup even took place, Brazil was the fourth largest payments market in the world. It counted 687 million credit, debit and retailers private label cards in 2011 and still has a big potential for further growth in the coming years.

To leverage this development, HPS has adapted the PowerCARD solution to suit the Brazilian market. This adaptation or ‘tropicalization’ ensures that HPS’ PowerCARD solution is compliant with all Brazilian regulations. This enabled ITS System to offer HPS’ PowerCARD solution to their customers across the Brazilian market; giving them access to a comprehensive suite of electronic payment solutions covering the entire value chain of issuing, acquiring and switching in one single payments platform. 

“Our new prepaid cards will allow Shell Brazil to offer a more comprehensive solution to our customers. The cards will appeal to both local customers and travelers who are looking for a secure way to make payments abroad. Working with HPS will help us deliver a high quality, reliable product to our customers, and will mean that we can continue to bring innovative products to market.” added Marcelo Couto, Payment & Loyalty Marketing Manager, Raízen “The card is available at all Shell stations providing a simple, direct and swift distribution channel; with the added benefit of discounted fuel costs.”

Abdeslam Alaoui, Managing Director, HPS, said: “We are delighted that we have been able to assist Shell Brazil with the launch of their new prepaid card through our pre-existing relationship with ITS System. Brazil is a key market in the payments industry and HPS are excited to be part of the continuous expansion in this region. Our tropicalization of our PowerCARD solution has given us added confidence in our ability to deliver to Brazilian market business needs.”

 “ITS System went live with PowerCARD in 2010. Since then we have moved all our payment business onto the platform.” added Elton Medeiros, CEO, ITS System “PowerCARD has given us a single technology platform for our business, providing us with a single customer view, based upon a robust, flexible and well supported system. With PowerCARD, we are able to introduce new products and product enhancements onto the market very quickly. Sometimes we need minor customizations, but HPS have proven to be a very reliable, responsive and customer focused organization, who delivers to our needs very quickly.” 


About ITS System

ITS System is a processing services provider that allows full issuing and acquiring operations, using the latest technology to meet the highest levels of the payment market’s requirements. It is company who belongs to a Brazilian group working across several key sectors, leader in supply of services related to payment cards such as issuance, processing of revolving credit cards, prepaid cards and management of merchant networks.


About Good Card

Good Card is a proprietary brand promoting the revenue sharing with the issuer and protecting their commercial and strategic interests, in addition to providing the most suitable network for each type of business. 

The Good Card brand was created in 1999. Together with issuers and companies having deep knowledge of the consumer market, it has provided innovative and effective services, issuing all types of cards. Today the brand is the largest multi conventions company in Brazil, with a network of 850.000 acceptance locations.


About Raízen

Raízen is a joint venture between Shell and Cosan that is an energy company from Brazil which has 5.000 fuel stations with Shell Brand, 800 convenience store, 58 distribution points and 13 thermoelectric factories.


About HPS

HPS is a leading payment software company providing electronic payment solutions for financial institutions, processors and national switches all around the world. Through our suite of solutions, PowerCARD, used by more than 320 issuers, acquirers and national switches, we process any card type (credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, corporate and fuel) via any channel (ATM, POS, internet and mobile) for any kind of merchant.
HPS operates in over 72 countries in 4 continents and counts among our clients several top 100 financial institutions worldwide.
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