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HPS Develops New Data Analytics Dashboard for PowerCARD

July 01, 2014
Casablanca, 1st July 2014 – HPS, the market-leading provider of mission-critical solutions to the cards and payments industry, today announced the release of their latest PowerCARD upgrade, a new Data Analytics Dashboard. This has been created by integrating a Business Intelligence (BI) tool with the PowerCARD solution, and delivered through a partnership with DigDash, provider and distributor of the BI software DigDash Enterprise.

The software will seamlessly connect and integrate with the PowerCARD platform giving existing and future customers greater visibility of payment data and business activity through the new PowerCARD Dashboard Issuer, Acquirer, Corporate and Retailer modules. This Dashboard will allow users to produce KPIs in order to evaluate, measure and compare performance and activity. In addition to standard KPIs, customers will be able to produce customized reports using the systems user-friendly and intuitive interface. The ability to collate data from different sources when creating reports will allow for a simpler approach to data reporting.

PowerCARD Dashboard has native built-in interfaces with PowerCARD solutions but could be interfaced with any other system. PowerCARD covers the entire payments value chain of issuing, acquiring and switching in one software solution. It enables efficient implementation of changes at a lower cost; facilitating payments innovation by allowing new products to be brought to market more easily.

“This new service will allow for better overall control and understanding of core data for our customers” said Abdeslam Alaoui, Managing Director, HPS. “Examining data to gain a better view of their businesses will give our customers the competitive advantage they require. The insights that can be gained from monitoring and analyzing data are remarkable, and we are looking forward to supporting our customers in this field.”

“We want to offer our customers the power to analyse their data and easily modify their dashboards over time - these features are increasingly requested in the tenders that we receive. The new intuitive system will provide our customers with the ability to integrate different data sources and thus gain a more accurate understanding of their data,” commented Sebastien Slim, Marketing Director, HPS.

“Our work with HPS shows the diversity of our software in the international sector. The volume of data and the business needs fit perfectly into our leadership position in Big Data Analytics. We look forward to working with HPS and to further enhance its PowerCARD solution to give users greater visibility of their data,” added Eric Gavoty, Vice President Sales and Marketing, DigDash. 


About HPS

HPS is a leading payment software company providing electronic payment solutions for financial institutions, processors and national switches all around the world. Through our suite of solutions, PowerCARD, used by more than 320 issuers, acquirers and national switches, we process any card type (credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, corporate and fuel) via any channel (ATM, POS, internet and mobile) for any kind of merchant.
HPS operates in over 72 countries in 4 continents and counts among our clients several top 100 financial institutions worldwide.

About DigDash

DigDash is a private company based in Meyreuil (France), founded in late 2006. DigDash publishes and distributes its software DigDash Enterprise in France and abroad through a network of partners and distributors. DigDash Enterprise is a software decision that can create dashboards viewed via the web and mobile.
For more information, please visit www.digdash.com