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PowerCARD-Mobile solution supports Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment and Money Transfer services and is adaptable to any market and compatible with any phone (smartphone and features phone).

PowerCARD-Mobile solution allows consumers to conveniently manage their cards and accounts and offers multiple banking services including balance inquiry, statement request, PIN change, blacklist card, and profile administration.

PowerCARD-Mobile solution supports multiple options for merchant or peers payments such as mobile to mobile, card to mobile, 2DBC payments and payment request validation. The solution provides interfaces for mobile top-up, bill payments and loans & installments payments.

Consumer can transfer money between accounts on the same PowerCARD-Mobile platform or to an external beneficiary. The solution offers flexible options for cashin and cash-out on ATMs, branches or partners network.

PowerCARD-Mobile solution manages its own virtual prepaid account as well as external cards and accounts and supports standard card & account messages for authorization from external systems.

PowerCARD-Mobile solution is fully secured and supports multiple communication channels (USSD, IVR, GPRS, Web, SMS and E-MAIL). It is natively interfaced with other PowerCARD solutions but can be interfaced with any other systems.

PowerCARD-Mobile solution has a strong reporting engine integrated in its framework and can easily report or export any data available on its database.