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PowerCARD-ATM provides a comprehensive, self-service solution that supports financial institutions and retailers to manage, secure and get more from their ATMs.

PowerCARD-ATM provides sophisticated tools to continuously monitor ATM networks and executes notifications to the appropriate supervisors when the ATM is malfunctioning and/or cash runs out by sending alerts through Email and SMS and ensuring 24/7 ATM availability. 

PowerCARD-ATM helps to reduce the operational costs by offering a full range of reconciliation tools from ATM to back-office accounting From personalized ATM screens to custom promotions, PowerCARD-ATM helps financial institutions improve relationships and leads to greater revenue by offering customers extended services at the ATM and turning the ATM into a 24/7 mini-branch. 

Providing optimized convenience, efficiency and security, PowerCARD-ATM offers a wide range of services such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, short statement inquiry, checkbook request, personalized messages to customers, cash deposit, check and document deposit, PIN change, top-up and bill payment.