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At HPS, we understand that the project lifecycle goes beyond delivering and handing over payment systems to our customers. We are continually looking at more innovative ways to ensure our clients improve availability and performance of the mission-critical payment solutions.

HPS Support Services include both on-site and remote support services to ensure that our customers' requirements are given closer attention and faster resolution.

Our support services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Services include updating the solution to meet enhanced standards from payment industry stakeholders, adding new features to meet changing requirement of operating systems, modifying the solution when required in order to comply with legislation amendments and adding new functionalities to meet specific and evolving business requirements of each customer.

HPS Support Services include hot-line round-the-clock support provided by highly skilled HPS experts. HPS' customers also have access via a password protected web portal to an online helpdesk where they can keep track of their inquiries.

We provide also on-site support offering in-depth support and development for customer systems through the use of dedicated HPS technical consultant with expert knowledge on their system, products and all enhancements.